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From Lighting



FROM LIGHTING is a young independent brand developing high quality lamps carefully made in Italy. Producing locally is a key value of their brand. Located in Padova, they are surrounded by a diverse industrial landscape where good design is tradition.

They create conversations, share values and establish close relationships with a dense network of people. In search of the iconic, they are driven by the challenge to create what is fresh and long-lasting.

As a design company that puts new products into circulation, sustainability is a key value of their doing. You will observe a red thread when experiencing their products: Eco friendly packaging, recyclable materials, and products that are made so well that you keep them for a long time. FROM LIGHTING selects the most efficient and durable LEDs and make their lamps repairable.

From lighting

Origins, iconic, gestures, footprint.

The word FROM speaks about the ORIGINS of their doing. With the spirit of the contemporary European generation, they produce in Italy where design is tradition.

As a product driven company they aim at creating what is fresh and long lasting. They produce their innovative ideas to their essence. Theirs luminaires have simple shapes, precise details and the character of an ICON.

They balance the contrast between illumination technology and the nature of light as their lamps call for human interaction to shape different lighting atmospheres. They design new GESTURES of our time.

They take care of the FOOTPRINT the they leave with their products, both on culture and nature. You will observe this care when experiencing their products: eco-friendly packaging, careful selection of all the components and products that are so well constructed that you keep for a long time. If one day anything might break, they will fix it.

At From Lighting “we love food and we love welcoming culture. That is why it is obvious to us that we also design our products so that they can be used in hotels or restaurants.” 


AB-02 is a wall lamp that creates an indirect light and a cosy environment. Its shape is minimalistic and yet a little playful. The light source placed under the classic looking lampshade shines against the wall, and immerses its surroundings in elegant soft light. It can create a very warm and delicate atmosphere in a corridor or along the staircases.


PIAZZA is a versatile lighting system that takes the concept of a wall lamp to a new level. It combines two elements: a magnetic luminaire and a metal panel which is fixed to the wall. The luminaire can be moved freely over the panel and can be turned around its axis without interruptions. Optionally it is equipped with an integrated touch dimmer. Metal panels come in different sizes and colours to better suit your needs and to allow you to create personalised and unique spaces. The LINEAR PANEL long could be placed horizontally to have a versatile luminaire over a sofa, over a bed or a kitchen worktop. Placed vertically, it changes light atmospheres in a room with a high ceiling.

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