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About EMKO

EMKO’s furniture and interior accessories are defined by their smart functionality and creative flair allowing customers to enhance the positive and contemporary atmosphere of any interior. All items are designed to subtly display character while remaining highly versatile, encouraging customers to feel playful about arranging items and creating authentic spaces. Made of sustainable organic materials, EMKO products are tactile and pleasant to touch. The inherent quality together with high production standards assures the pieces are durable and long-lasting. The company’s collaborative, communal spirit coherently translates into its designs as they are intended to enhance a sense of belonging and light-hearted positivity in people inhabiting the environments where EMKO furniture exists. 

EMKO aspires to build a global community of both designers and customers who create and appreciate smart functional design and optimism-inducing contemporary aesthetic. 

EMKOS’ Key Points of Responsibility and Sustainability 

We believe in working with brands that are sustainable and at EMKO, their core belief is simple: sustainability is intrinsically linked to quality. Since founding, they’ve crafted furniture and interior elements designed to be enjoyed for generations. They believe that the longevity of their creations is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and respect for both nature and the consumer. 

Local Materials and Wood Usage 

In adopting a sustainable approach to wood usage, at EMKO, they incorporate wood with unique aesthetic patterns, which may not always align with conventional furniture-making standards. They simply paint it. This allows them to broaden colour palette and utilize 95% of all purchased wood and veneer. 

EMKO source 90% of raw materials from within Europe, making this commitment to local sourcing not only reducing transportation distances, but also minimizes their overall CO2 footprint. 

Style, Not Fashion

While fashion often promotes a culture of constant consumption, at EMKO, they champion timeless style. When creating new products, they carefully consider products’ ability to seamlessly blend into various interior settings and remain relevant for years to come. Only such products find their way into the EMKO collections. 

Easily Renewable Furniture 

Sustainability, durability, and product quality are the cornerstones of EMKO. Their products feature a substantial amount of wood, which they coat with natural oil. This approach not only preserves the inherent beauty of the wood but also empowers users to easily renew their furniture at home. 

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