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Tapis Rouge Atelier

Tapis Rouge atelier

Luxury, Traditional, Expressive.

Atelier Tapis Rouge is a luxury rugs company based in Milan. They carry forward the rich legacy of rug-making, tracing back centuries. Tapis Rouge story is rooted in the traditions of ancient Persia where spirituality, tradition, and craftsmanship were blended, and it continues in the contemporary participating in the rituals of everyday life, filling interior design projects, drawing new expressive languages and new meanings.

Tapis Rouge atelier

Sustainability and Art.

Atelier Tapis Rouge produce rugs in Nepal, using sustainably sourced raw materials and hand-knotting techniques that embody the care and tradition of the past, respecting the values of the communities they work with.

Tapis Rouge chooses the language of contemporary art and present-day scenarios to weave the future by designing high quality products which, with the right care and maintenance, can be handed down in the history of future generations.


At Tapis Rouge, sustainability permeates every aspect of our work as a reflection of our ongoing commitment to producing, according to ecological and ethical practices, rugs that are meant to last for generations. Our priority is to ensure that our collections have a minimal environmental impact; our rugs are carefully hand-knotted, carved, and washed using only environmentally friendly tools and techniques. Our ethical commitment is intrinsic to preserving authentic processes that’s why we continue to use unique, traditional formulas that significantly reduce the environmental impact of dyeing the yarns.

Sutlej Radiance

The swirling clouds hang low over the head of the night traveler. The darkness is absolute; no star can pierce it with its light. Nevertheless, the silvery light of the moon, the queen of the night, suddenly illuminates the celestial movement, the whirlwinds of air rushing through the air. The light has reached the ground, and the traveler once again discerns his winding path somewhere deep in the Himalayan mountains.

In creating the patterns, we considered the material’s texture, the properties of the pile, and the loop’ types resulting in a design based on new languages and trends.

Composition XXI

Instead of transmitting a simplified spot of some form, various techniques of combining spots are used, finding and creating new “conversations” between form, geometry and color proportion. At the heart of the concept is the creation of a carpet as an item that makes the interior more fascinating and relevant, generates a light and pleasant mood in the space, and establishes its own code for the interior with the carpet. 

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